Your partner in CUTTING radiology costs.

Know the Costs® is a provider-based solution that can dramatically reduce excessive radiology costs.

Your members (and your company or municipality) can save at least $100.⁰⁰ per member per year!

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We partner with you

Know the Costs® is a specialized radiology benefits manager for self-insured companies.

It’s not all up to you to look after your members’ best financial and clinical interests. With > 20 years of radiology experience, we had the in-house expertise to develop proprietary software based on 100% price transparency.

We know how to combine significant cost reduction with a nationwide panel of top-level radiologists¹ who interpret MRIs, CTs, and PET exams. Legacy networks can’t offer this unique combination of lower cost + high quality.

Know the Costs®  is a supplemental, targeted cost-reduction tool and not a replacement for a carrier’s imaging network.

¹most of whom have fellowship training in sub-specialties, e.g. neuroradiology, musculoskeletal, body imaging, etc.

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  • Virtually everyone agrees that healthcare costs are excessive.
  • The difference is Know the Costs®  is actually doing something about it.
  • If you’re a self-insured employer, you have the ability to reduce your radiology expenses.
  • You’ve probably already implemented a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM).
  • Now it’s time to take the next cost reduction step by adding a radiology benefits manager (RBM) to your plan design.
  • Both your members and your company will benefit financially.
  • A better benefits package (at no cost to you) will lead to improved employee/member satisfaction and retention.
  • We can give you a good estimate of the total annual savings you can expect.
  • Then you tell us how you want the savings allocated between members and your company.
  • Plus, we handle everything. You aren’t taking on additional HR tasks e.g. open enrollment education, etc.
  • Know the Costs® can serve your members virtually anywhere in the US.
  • And, there’s no cost to your company.


If your employer has partnered with Know the Costs®, you’ll know in advance, exactly what your MRI, CT or PET exam will cost and exactly how much you can save.

No surprise medical bills!

Our experienced Advisors are available to answer your questions.

$0 cost to you!

You don’t even have to remember your company signed you up for the Know the Costs®  benefit.

We’ll reach out to you if we see an opportunity for you to save $$$.

A highly trained US-based, hospital-credentialed radiologist will interpret your exam and we’ll automatically send the report to your MD.

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Emphasize the consulting aspect of your services by creating new financial value for your current clients and prospects.

If we’re a good fit, Know the Costs®  can give you a cost reduction tool that can differentiate your firm and increase client and member satisfaction.

What Know the Costs®  doesn’t do: We don’t increase your workload!

The operational synergy comes from combining our 20+ years of experience in radiology cost reduction with your client relationships.

Know the Costs®  can substantially increase value for you and your clients at no cost.

What people say about Know the Costs® insurance

You're not alone in wanting to save money on healthcare expenses. See what people have to say about the benefit of a partnership with Know The Costs®.

Wayne H.

Pga professional

Thank you for finding a lower cost facility.  This benefit will save me over $3500!

Cheryl D.

Pga professional

I’m so glad I have this benefit.  You saved me $600 on my ultrasound.

Beverly L.

Pga professional

Your service has been such a blessing to me and thank you for doing what you said you would do.

Municipality Employee

Computer genius

My doctor scheduled me for an MRI at a hospital.  I knew it would be expensive but I didn’t realize I had a choice.  Then I got a text and email from Know the Costs® stating I could save almost $900 if I went to one of their places.  That was welcome news!  I called the number and Know the Costs® re-scheduled me.  I saved a lot of money and really learned something about hospital prices!

Private Company Employee

Computer genius

Our HR department told us they had a new program to help us save on medical costs but I really didn’t understand what they were talking about.  My daughter was supposed to have a CT scan at a hospital.  Sort of out of the blue, I got a text and maybe an email too that we could save money by going to a place run by Know the Costs®. I saved about $1,100!  Needless to say, my husband was happy about that!

Clinic Manager

Computer genius

We’ve even had X-ray patients who’ve saved over $1,000 instead of going to a local hospital! They were amazed (and very happy) when they realized how much they saved!

Want to learn how to save money?
We’ve made the process easy.

Our insights

Over the years we have gained some experience. Every week we like to share them with you. Check in with our blog.

Our insights

Over the years we have gained some experience. Every week we like to share them with you. Check in with our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

My doctor has made my appointment at a hospital.
Can I change the location?
Yes! You can have your exam done at any facility you choose. Know The Costs just helps you find a high-quality, lower cost facility. It's your money, your choice!
My doctor requests a CD of my images.
Will the facility be able to give me one?
Most, if not all facilities, can make CDs. Make sure at your appointment to ask your technologist for a CD.
How will I know if I can save money?
Savings are based on your particular benefits (employer contribution, co-pay, remaining deductible, co-insurance). One of our radiology advisors can help you determine your savings.
How do I locate an in-network facility.
We work with imaging facilities nationwide. You can submit an online request or call one of our radiology advisors who can help find a location near you.
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