Your company has made it possible for you to have an even better benefit than your insurance plan allows.

You can pay $0 if you use Know the Costs®, instead of paying co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance under your insurance.

Just make sure you show your Know the Costs® card to your MD’s office before they make an appointment for you. Do not give them your insurance card or you’ll have to pay for the exam yourself!

Know the Costs® will schedule your exam with our one of our nationwide accredited sites.

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One car

Premium insurance for an individual.

  • Suited for bachelors
  • Hospital cover
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Business fleet

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  • Suited for businesses
  • Hospital cover
  • Out patient for up to 100,000
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$0 exams include:

• CT
• Digital X-Ray
• Ultrasounds
• Bone Density

Your exam will be interpreted by a board-certified radiology specialist and the report will be sent to your MD very quickly. If your employer doesn't offer Know the Costs®, ask your HR Department to contact us. It’s simple to set up plus there’s no fee to your company or you!

You don’t have to pay for these exams out of your own pocket! You’ve got better things to spend your money on!

Frequently asked questions

My doctor has made an appointment at a hospital. Can I change the location?

Yes! Our Member Advisors will help you find an accredited, high-quality facility. But act quickly before you have your exam! If you don’t use your Know the Costs® card before you go to a high-cost imaging site, you’ll have to pay co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance.

How will I know if I can save money?

With Know the Costs®, you pay $0 so your savings are guaranteed! Even if you’ve met your annual deductible (most members don’t) you’re still liable for co-pays and co-insurance if you use your insurance card.

What if I have questions?

Call one of our Member Advisors at:
(833) KTC-4YOU  (833-582-4968)